No matter where we live, in a large home or a small apartment, we want to be safe. In today’s world, the main thing we turn to is home security systems. Some may tend to think this option is only for homeowners with complicated systems and hardwired devices. But what about if you are a renter? You still have a family and valuables you want to protect. Thankfully, a variety of options have opened up to renters. Home security is something important to all of us. Let’s see what is available on the market. 

alarm requirements for renters

Requirements and Limitations

Apartments are frequent targets for burglary. This is due to the fact of the continuous flow of people coming and going throughout the complex. Plus, you are less likely to have pets or a home security system to deter an intruder. Unfortunately, these renters are also less likely to have insurance to cover their losses. For housing rentals, the tenant might feel that it’s not worth the investment due to their temporary stay. However, there are easy options for both.

The first thing you need to consider is the lease agreement that you signed before moving in. What kind of restrictions are there for installing home security? Does your landlord have access at all times, or do they call ahead and give notice? You may be required to give the landlord the security passcode for the times there are inside repairs or maintenance to care for. 

What Are Some Options?

The easiest solution is to have home security systems with non-invasive equipment. Wireless devices keep you from having to drill any holes to run wires. If you are in an apartment, you are usually limited to putting wireless Wi-Fi cameras on the inside only. Items that do not cause any need for repairs when they leave. Some have been allowed to place keyless locks on their doors and video doorbells that allow them to watch their doorstep. There are also simple door and window contacts that you can install. However, for apartments, cameras on the outside tend to be a privacy invasion to those neighbors on each side of you. 

With rental one-family homes, there is more leniency as to what home security is available to add. With the landlord’s permission, you should be able to add outdoor devices according to their approval. This could include motion-sensor lighting and outdoor cameras, plus a yard sign to warn off those looking around.

Extra Home Security Tips

Although there are many devices that suit a rental situation, it is not always possible to put them all to use in your own personal rental. If there are limitations to what you are allowed to use, there are other things to do to back up your limited security. For example, it is always good to put a jamming device in your glass sliding door. You can still put to use smart plugs that allow you to control lights and other plugged-in items. That way, you have control to manage your lights, TV, or other devices while you are away. It looks like you are home at all times. It is always a good idea to have some kind of renters insurance to cover any losses if the worst happens. 

Security Systems for Renters

What is Available?

Some of the best options for home security systems are found at Fort Knox Security Services. We offer no contract and no credit check packages. Most importantly, all of our systems come with UL-certified alarm monitoring. Always have someone looking out for your home when you can’t be there. Our systems are ready for you to set up with an easy installation process. Our 24/7 local support team is always ready if you need any kind of assistance with your security system. After you find out what your lease agreement allows, give us a call and let us know what you need. We make sure to find the right security solution for your home to keep you safe at all times!