Security cameras and systems help to safeguard your home and act as a deterrent for intruders. At Fort Knox Security, we offer quality security cameras installation services for homeowners looking to protect their assets. Here are a few ways to prepare your home for security installation:

Choose Your Package

Homeowners have varying needs when it comes to security system installation. You may need to activate an existing alarm system, upgrade an outdated system, or install an entirely new system. If you choose to install a new system, determine what specific features you would like to integrate. Fort Knox Security provides alarm packages that include geofencing, smart image and video notifications, individual access codes, and more.

Homeowners can remotely unlock or lock doors and manage tasks from a smart device anywhere in the world. We provide free activation and installation services for select areas, enhancing convenience for our customers. Our team can help you customize your home security system to meet your needs. Popular add-ons include night vision cameras, wireless touch doorbells, and glass break sensors.

Obtain Your Permits

Certain areas require homeowners to obtain alarm permits or register the system with their local police department. Alarm permits are beneficial for first responders as they help them manage and respond to alerts more quickly. Failing to obtain the proper permits may result in fines depending on the city regulations.

Determine the Placement

Before starting the security system installation process, determine where you want to place your cameras. Indoor cameras help monitor valuable possessions and family members’ movement around the house. Outdoor cameras are useful for observing your property and discouraging theft or vandalism.

Once you decide whether you want an indoor or outdoor system or both, identify the best spots to install the cameras. Look for areas that are higher up and have an unobstructed view of their surroundings. These areas may include main hallways, common areas, and around windows and doorways. The Fort Knox Security team will help by evaluating your premises and selecting the best placement for your cameras.

Clear the Space

Once you have decided on the location where you will install your security cameras, start clearing the surrounding areas. Remove furniture or wall fixtures that will get in the way of the installation process. Before placing cameras outdoors, double-check for any obstructions like foliage, outdoor equipment, or spiderwebs. Properly cleaning up the space where you will place your system and cameras may help to prolong the lifespan of the products and prevent dust and debris from impacting the camera’s functionality.

Benefits of a Quality Home Security Package

A quality security package for your home provides protection against home intrusions, fires, and burglary. 24/7 surveillance will capture any footage of intruders, and homeowners can use that footage to show the local authorities and press charges. Reliable alarm systems will quickly alert you and your family if there is smoke detected in the home or if you have too much carbon monoxide buildup.

Modern monitoring systems provide an added measure of comfort for homeowners as they can keep track of their premises while they are away at work or on vacation. Access live video feeds, lock doors, or adjust your thermostat all from your smartphone. This security network will allow you to take quick action in the event of an emergency.

Seek Professional Security Cameras Installation 

Fort Knox Security provides modern, reliable security systems and installation services for home and business owners. Before installing a security system, make sure you choose a suitable surveillance package and take the necessary steps to prepare your home properly. To learn more about the quality security packages we offer, reach out to our team today.