Security camera systems are designed to help monitor and protect your home, yard, or business. These systems are customizable, allowing you to choose the safety and automation features that best fit your needs. Our Fort Knox Security technicians are trained to design and install a system that fits your property’s unique specifications. Here are some things to know about security cameras installation:

Camera Types

Fort Knox Security can install various types of cameras on your property, including indoor, outdoor, and doorbell cameras. Our indoor cameras have a sleek and discrete design to blend into your home’s interior. They allow you to remotely monitor the safety of your pets and loved ones when you’re away. For enhanced security, our cameras also have night vision and motion detection capabilities.

Outdoor cameras are weather-resistant and UV-protected, making them suitable for installation around the exterior of your home or business. They are beneficial for monitoring yards, driveways, and perimeters. Doorbell cameras are a type of outdoor camera installed to monitor entry points like front doors or gates. They send an alert to your phone when someone is at your door. This feature is valuable if you receive frequent packages or deliveries, as it lets you view their arrival and deter porch theft. Our technicians can help you choose and install a single camera type to monitor a specific area, or we can create a comprehensive system using all three for enhanced security.

Camera Placement

When planning your security cameras installation, make sure to place devices near entry points, high-traffic areas, and vulnerable locations. Entry points and high-traffic areas to cover include doors, windows, staircases, and garage entrances. Monitoring these locations allows you to capture footage of anyone entering or exiting your property. Look for vulnerable areas such as blind spots, secluded corners, and areas with valuable assets like cars or equipment. Installing cameras in these areas allows you to record any suspicious activity and may help deter potential intruders.

Install cameras at an optimal height for clear visibility and coverage, making sure they are not easily reached to prevent tampering. To enhance your system’s visibility and image quality, use cameras with features like night vision and 1080p resolution. Take into account lighting conditions such as sunlight, shadows, and artificial lighting. If your property has tall trees or other structures, make sure they don’t obstruct the camera’s view. Our team will assist you with your camera placement to make sure you have a clear view of the interior and exterior of your home or business.

Customization Options

Customizing your security camera installation can enhance the functionality, effectiveness, and convenience of your surveillance system. Set up remote access to your cameras for monitoring and management from anywhere with an internet connection. This feature allows you to use mobile apps or web interfaces to view live feeds, review recordings, and adjust camera settings remotely. Our security cameras can also be integrated with other security devices and systems during installation. This includes alarms, sensors, and door locks.

Recording and Storage

Cameras can have different recording modes available, such as continuous recording, motion-based recording, scheduled recording, and event-triggered recording. The mode you choose will depend on your surveillance needs and storage capacity. Our cameras use cloud-based storage for easy access from your phone. We also offer stream video recorders for permanently storing videos from your security cameras, allowing you to achieve 24-hour continuous recording. 

Schedule Your Security Cameras Installation

Installing security cameras on your property contributes to the overall safety and protection of your home or business. At Fort Knox Security, we offer many different packages and customization options to create a system that meets your requirements. Whether you want to check in on your pets while you’re at work or monitor your yard for suspicious activity, our security cameras can help. Contact us today to learn more about our services and installation options.