Take control of your property’s safety with a security system that combines smart home automation and video surveillance from Fort Knox Security. At the basics of home security, systems typically include sensors, signage, and alert sirens. When you combine these basics with updated cameras and smart technology, you can maximize the protection of your family and possessions.

Home Security Systems

The protection of a security system helps prevent your home from becoming a target for possible break-ins. A security system uses a network of devices that work together to monitor an area and provide notifications of anything suspicious. The University of North Carolina’s Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology surveyed over 420 convicted burglars to investigate if home security systems were beneficial. Of those surveyed, approximately 83% said they would typically check a target home for an alarm system before attempting a break-in. Visible security equipment is one of the most impactful ways to keep burglars at bay. Although preventing theft is a suitable cause for installing a system, other considerations include weather notifications, medical concerns and elderly assistance, fire and smoke alarms, and power failure warnings. A security system with added smart home automation creates the ability to monitor and respond to these other concerns.

Smart Home Automation

The benefits of smart home control include convenience, hands-free control, energy savings capability, and remote monitoring. With smart home automation, everyday functions can be handled automatically based on your requests. You can program features like appliances, garage doors, temperature, and lighting to respond to your input. Take advantage of smart home automation features while you’re at home or while you’re away.

Smart home monitoring services can also offer an alternative for older generations looking to transfer to in-person care. Senior communities are often able to keep their independence with these systems because of their monitoring and response capabilities. If caretakers live far away, automation equipment is able to alert loved ones when typical daily activities haven’t been performed. If no lights have been turned on for several hours or the cameras haven’t been triggered, a notification can be sent to a designated person. Renters may also enjoy smart features, with nine out of ten renters saying they are willing to pay 20% more for an apartment with smart features.

Complete Surveillance

Fort Knox Security offers smart home security and automation systems to Texas residents, business owners, and rental facilities that provide visibility and control over any aspect of your property. Using a single app, you can view and control your property from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. This protection includes fire and police alerts as well as medical alerts. On average, Fort Knox Security’s dispatchers respond and establish first contact in less than 13 seconds. The first contact is necessary to rule out any false alarms before dispatching emergency services. If you have hit the panic button, we will immediately dispatch the police without further verification.

Set up a system to include the observation of fire, smoke, and carbon monoxide presence. Carbon monoxide is often known as a silent killer because it is colorless, odorless, and tasteless. With Fort Knox Security’s system, the carbon monoxide detector runs even if your security system is off. We also offer flood and water detectors, temperature alerts, medical fobs, and more. Our app works on smartphones, tablets, or computers and is easy to navigate. We also offer wireless options. With Fort Knox Security, Texas homeowners, renters, and small business owners can customize a system to create a solution for their specific home security needs.

Options and Accessories 

Fort Knox Security provides safety and automation products to many Texas properties. We offer a basic package that includes several fundamentals for home safety, but to take advantage of both camera functionality and smart automation, choose from these two options:

Control 360 Package

This package provides full protection with sensors, time-based notifications and tasks, remote door lock and unlock, and geo-fencing. Geo-fencing is a virtual boundary that you create based on GPS or radio frequency (RFID) technology. You can set it up to be armed when you reach a certain distance away from the property. An alert can be sent when a mobile device enters or leaves the designated area. A touchless two-way video doorbell, crash and smash protection with automatic dispatch, and individual user access codes are also included.

View 360 Package

With this package, you gain maximum protection with indoor and outdoor cameras featuring Next-Gen night vision for clear images and video day or night. Features also include a two-way voice and video touchless doorbell camera, cloud-based HD video recording, and image and video notifications with smart AI technology detection. Complete the package with geo-fencing automation and two-way voice communication inside or outside the home.  

Both packages come with free installation and activation. You have access to 24/7 customer support, and we also offer no-contract options. You can opt for popular add-ons, such as the ability to manage your thermostat with remote technology integration. Our systems are compatible with various smart speakers and voice-activated assistants to help you maintain familiar two-way communication. Lock your doors, close your garage, and enjoy the possibility of managing your sprinkler systems remotely. Our trained team can activate most of these compatible systems for free during installation. If you already have these functions working in your home, it’s possible to integrate them with one of our new systems. We also offer add-ons for any system to maximize your customization needs. During installation, we can place equipment in locations specific to your areas of concern.

Harmonize Your Home

Installing a system with a combination of safety equipment and smart home automation features is a valuable way to stay alert about your property’s events, whether you are home or away. Theft prevention may be a leading cause for a security system installation, but the advantages of combining smart home automation create a full-circle security atmosphere on your property. Contact Fort Knox Security today for more information on options for your Texas property.