When adding a security system to your property, hiring a professional allows you to customize and install the system with help from a trained technician. Different property types have varying security requirements, such as specific coverage areas and access control measures. Fort Knox Security is available to help you design a complete system to monitor and protect your home, business, or investment property. Here are several security system installation projects our team can assist with:

Residential Installation

Installing a home security system requires multiple steps, from identifying potential entry points to connecting and testing each component. Professionals can advise you on optimal camera, sensor, and alarm placement, helping minimize blind spots and vulnerable areas. We can also walk you through our device inventory and monitoring services to create a system that meets your home’s needs.

Our team at Fort Knox Security offers a wide range of monitoring technology and services. We install night vision cameras, window and door sensors, automated door locks, and more. We also offer home alarm monitoring services, providing you with one of the fastest response times in Texas.

Business Installation

Professionals can help you build a security system that provides comprehensive coverage and increases the safety of your commercial property. If your business needs to control who enters and exits the premises, browse our inventory of smart locks and door sensors. Our technicians can incorporate detailed access control features that allow you to manage employee permissions for each access point. This technology enables you to restrict entry to private areas and receive alerts when an individual accesses them.

Other technologies we offer include 360-degree cameras, motion detectors, and activity sensors. Installing 360-degree cameras increases video coverage in areas with heavy traffic, such as lobbies and hallways. This allows you to record and review the footage later if an incident occurs. Our business security system sensors detect motion and heat, enhancing their ability to alert you of activity around your property. We also carry a waterproof, battery-powered sensor that can be installed in various locations, from doors to vehicles, to inform you of different movements.

Multifamily Installation

To secure your apartment complex or other multifamily investment property, hire a professional security company for personalized recommendations. We can evaluate individual apartment buildings, common areas, and parking lots to help you determine the most suitable security measures. Our team will use this assessment to provide surveillance camera recommendations that meet your property’s layout and lighting requirements. These suggestions may include installing cameras and alarms that monitor entrances, hallways, and shared facilities. 

Fort Knox Security also offers additional property security measures, such as access control doors and gates, to protect the common utilities on multifamily properties. Our gates help keep your tenants safe by restricting access to unauthorized visitors. The access control doors have keypads that require a code to enter, safeguarding fitness centers and laundry rooms. These measures allow your building managers to set schedules and enforce your hours of operation. This is beneficial for securing amenities like swimming pools, business centers, and clubhouses.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional

Hiring a security system professional gives you access to advanced technical knowledge and custom recommendations. If you need to upgrade your existing system or design an entirely new one, you can work with our trained technicians to find high-quality, state-of-the-art equipment that fulfills your requirements. Our installers will then train you on how to use and manage your new system, reducing your learning curve.

Our professional installers are also equipped to design security systems with future scalability in mind. We can plan and implement the infrastructure in a way that allows for easy expansion as your security needs grow, such as incorporating cloud-based solutions with customizable data storage limits. This process includes evaluating factors like the number of devices, network capacity, and integration capabilities.

Schedule Your Security System Installation Today

Trained installers have the experience needed to design and implement a security system that meets your home or business’s specifications. Our team is able to assess your property’s potential vulnerabilities, recommend a suitable monitoring solution, and install and test each component at your convenience. Contact Fort Knox Security today to browse our devices and schedule your security system installation.