Automating your home allows you to control your living experience and increase your energy efficiency. Our team at Fort Knox Security carries and installs many different smart home security and automation devices. From door locks to thermostats, these devices enable you to adjust your property’s settings using your phone or computer. Here is more information on transforming your Texas residence with smart home automation:

Reasons To Automate Your Home

If you’re a working professional, frequent traveler, or pet owner, you can benefit from smart home automation and security technology. Many smart devices are programmable, allowing you to simplify your routine by setting schedules for the lights, thermostat, and door locks. This feature helps working professionals save time when preparing the house before leaving in the morning. The devices are also linked to smartphone apps. If you get called away for work or go on vacation, you can control and monitor your home environment from anywhere. Smart cameras and sensors also allow you to monitor your pets and set comfortable temperatures for them during extreme weather changes.

Components of a Smart Home

Smart homes consist of many different components designed to work together to enhance the functionality, comfort, and security of a living space. They typically have a central control console, such as our Go! Control Panel, that lets you manage multiple devices through a single interface. Here are some additional automation and security components we offer:

Smart Door Locks

Our smart door locks offer keyless entry and can be programmed to lock behind you automatically. You can unlock your door by entering a code on the numeric keypad or using a mobile app to control it remotely. Smart deadbolts give you customized control over your locks, allowing you to grant access to visitors, service providers, or family members even when away from home.

Connected Thermostats

Smart thermostats are advanced heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) controllers designed to improve energy efficiency and home comfort. They use individual sensors to monitor the temperature of various rooms in your home and can be adjusted accordingly. Our thermostat features customizable schedules, temperature alerts, and remote control capabilities. It also alerts you if someone manually adjusts it, helping you stay informed of your energy usage.

Video Doorbells

To improve your home’s security and functionality, our team can install wireless video doorbells near your main entrances. These devices have cameras that provide live video streaming of the area outside the door. This lets you see and monitor visitors, deliveries, and suspicious activities in real time. Our video doorbells support live video streaming and recording. They are also weatherproof to help them withstand Texas weather and temperature fluctuations. 

Smart Plug-ins

Smart plug-ins are plugged into standard electrical outlets to add smart functionality to existing appliances and electronics. Using the smartphone app, you can control when your television, lamp, or portable fan turns on and off. Our appliance plug-in modules also provide energy usage reports and have an integrated LED night light.

Wireless Night Vision Cameras

Whether installed inside or outdoors, our wireless security cameras provide clear video footage and night vision capabilities. These cameras connect to your home Wi-Fi network, enabling remote access and control from your phone. You can view live video feeds, watch playback recordings, and receive alerts from anywhere with an internet connection. This is beneficial for checking on pets, family members, and home valuables. 

Customize Your Smart Home Automation Features

Automating your home has many benefits, including increased convenience and comfort. Whether it’s adjusting the thermostat, turning off lights, or managing home security, automation simplifies daily tasks and enhances safety. Contact our team at Fort Knox Security to customize your home’s security system and smart technology features today.