Technology continues to move forward. We do our best to keep up. Security systems are part of this advancement. The choices go beyond just equipment. In fact, connectivity is now an issue. Do you want a wireless or wired landline home security system? What are the differences? 

Wireless Cellular Home Security

Wireless home security systems are getting popular due to the convenience of tying in smart home devices. If your house does not already have prewired lines to your security devices, this is the way to go. Moreover, there are many positive aspects of this type of home security, along with a couple of negatives to consider. Home Security Cameras Fort Knox


  • No drilling to install wiring
  • Easy setup
  • Stay connected through your smartphone
  • No immediate loss of connection due to cut lines
  • Battery backup 
  • Flexible location placement
  • Add your smart home assistant and devices


  • Could experience signal interference
  • The battery could wear out during a power outage 
  • More costly
  • Need to keep secured

Wired Home Security

A wired home security system has a hardwire connecting a control panel and the sensors at entry points. Landlines are becoming a rare item in a residence. The traditional home security wiring throughout your house for alarm connectors is not as common as it once was. However, if you do have it, this system should not be too difficult to get activated


  • Reliable signal, no outside signal interference
  • Stable connection
  • Prewired requires minimal setup
  • Uses existing landline


Wireless Cellular is Preferred

When you look over the options, you can see why wireless is preferred. Home security is not something where you take chances. In addition, with smart home automation becoming a part of our homes, compatible networking is important. Any of the downsides of a wireless system are minor. As the security systems continue to improve, wireless connections will also. In fact, gradually landlines will disappear. Let Fort Knox Home Security upgrade you into the future. We will assist you in evaluating your home for the best product. Safety and convenience in an affordable package. Call us today!